Our Mission

Money is a universal belief system, it works anywhere, always, on its own useless, but if we say it holds value, it does. And who doesn’t value money?

Outsider Knowledge challenges your perspectives on money, wealth and its creation. Thinking of it as a tool with unlimited potential, when used correctly. Outsider Knowledge allows motivated individuals, who are dedicated to understanding the reality of wealth creation, an opportunity to reach their investment goals.

Outsider Knowledge does this by providing an interdependent platform of three key areas, education, data driven analysis and tools & strategies for successful portfolio creation.

About Us

Outsider Knowledge was founded mid 2017 when Bitcoin was gaining huge traction worldwide where the gap for public awareness on Blockchain, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and Cryptocurrencies became apparent.

The idea was formed and developed by a group of 3 change-inspired individuals. All with different professions and expertise in different facets of industry, in order to educate and progress the next generation of revolutionary technology adopters.
The similarities between us, the unarguable need for worldwide disruptive change, the drive for knowledge acquisition and the passion for expressing and exploring new, innovative philosophies with the world.

The vision for Outsider Knowledge is to be able to merge the void of awareness between Blockchain and DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technology) to the broader population, helping people gain an understanding that there is more to Cryptocurrency than just ‘Bitcoin’, that it is an ecosystem of innovation, technology and a far more efficient means of going about business as usual.

We aspire to reach out to not only the uneducated demographic but to engage with professionals in this field along with the knowledgeable public. providing them with a plethora of up to date, relevant updates and information tailored real time with what is evolving in this industry, worldwide at present.

Meet The Team

Alexander Sly
Alexander Sly LinkedlnAlexander Sly Website
Matthew Pawlik
Matthew Pawlik Linkedln
Michael Halverson
Michael Halverson Linkedln
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