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White Paper & Centrality CENNZ Token Model

At the start of the year (2018) Centrality became a top 10 ICO of all time (Coinist) by hosting a token generation event that raised $80 million USD in six minutes. Three months later a further $100 million USD was raised, with another $162 million USD pledged. Summing to a combined funding & pledged amount of $342 million USD.  

So why the lightning fast pre-sale and huge pledge amount? Well Centrality is based on a decentralised community platform and venture studio model, aiming to connect app developers with business entrepreneurs. Distinguishing themselves from similar platforms like ‘Consensys’ by focusing on mass market consumer adoption. Evident by the 18 applications, spread across 10+ areas, currently in development. The aim with all these apps is for them to  talk and work together, thereby providing an entire blockchain based ecosystem.

Applications built on the platform allow users to manage typical everyday tasks using peer-to-peer transactions through a single login. Centrality has adopted a plug and play blockchain solution to modularise the whole system and allow for easier scalability in comparison to comparable platforms.

‘PL^G’, an overarching term for a set of blockchain technologies that makes blockchain networks work more like the internet, is the glue between the centrality ecosystem and other blockchain networks. ‘PL^G’ works by connecting smaller diverse blockchain networks together, thereby creating the blockchain layer of the internet and moving away from current single chain maximalism.  

On the technical side ‘PL^G’ offers cross-chain capability and features ease of access for developers, it has been built for interoperability with legacy systems and offers utility for enterprises and individuals alike. Further, it will support multiple consensus mechanisms, including proof of work, proof of stake and other, more novel approaches of achieving consensus.    

The key features of Centrality, for developers, is the library of tools offered to create decentralised applications. The component library consists of a Blockchain Login, Hybrid Wallet, Blockchain Everywhere, API/SDK, Common Microservices, Big Data Platform, Smart Contract Generator & Token Factory. Traditional customer onboarding across applications is bypassed by establishing this ecosystem of interconnected DApps that users seamlessly transition between.

Furthermore, Centrality has partnered with 17 institutions across the globe, including;

  1. Wanda group – a fortune global 500 company, looking to service their already existing $257 billion revenue generating consumer base with Centrality’s platform.
  2. ARDA performance labs – a world leader in virtual coaching, to create ‘AI.MY’ an AI driven coaching platform.
  3. Smart associates, established in 2003 that has developed a reputation for data warehousing and data laking, to deliver a new data management and analytics service via Centrality’s platform.
  4. SingularDTV, a blockchain entertainment studio laying the foundation for a decentralised entertainment industry. Joint venture with centrality to create ‘SingularX’ a functioning decentralized exchange for the SingularDTV and Centrality ecosystem.  
  5. UK-based blockchain firm Qadre, a blockchain provider, providing a suite of services to help companies onboard trust into the digital world. Quadre, SingularDTV & Centrality raised $65 million USD to fund the company Plug and build the ‘PL^G’ blockchain framework. With two in depth whitepapers, for non-developers & for developers.
  6. Blockhaus Investment AG, a leading blockchain based financial investment banking platform for tokenised economies. Blockhaus & single source provided KYC and AML for the Centrality (CENNZ) token sale. Centrality developed the Blockhaus investment banking technology.
  7. Epay, a leading prepaid product processor and worldwide distribution network. Centrality co-founder Roger Smith is New Zealand’s epay managing director.
  8. Cryptopia, cryptocurrency exchange, listing the CENNZ token.
  9. Propello solutions offers continuous Fraud Monitoring solutions, effective detection methods and proven ROI. Propello solutions developed the underlying approach and technology behind Single source, a decentralised risk scoring platform powered by blockchain. Single source & Blockhaus provided KYC and AML for the Centrality (CENNZ) token sale.
  10. Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand’s innovation agency. Provided a non-refundable research grant of $15 million over three years to Centrality.  
  11. QMS NZ is the leading outdoor media company in New Zealand. Owns 51% of CityOn, a user-centric aggregator of city services allowing users to book and pay, Centrality owns the other 49%.  
  12. Other notable partners include, Alert Taxi, NZME., Jucy and INVSTA – cryptocurrency investment platform Centrality has invested with.

Moreover the 18 applications Centrality is working on include (with a little crossover from above);

  1. Skoot – a personal tour guide that you can use in your car, or on your smartphone to drive safely and stay connected while on the move. Centrality owns 50%.
  2. Ushare – a multi-model, on demand transport application that can work across taxi services, rental vehicles, electric bikes and public transport. Centrality owns 25%.
  3. Blockhaus TGE sales app is a KYC/AML buyer and distributor validation application and token sales exchange, fully decentralised, customised per-to-peer exchange, allowing only approved investors to participate in token purchases.
  4. SingularX – a distributed cryptocurrency and token trading platform that lets users trade crypto assets, make markets and convert crypto currencies. Centrality owns 50%.
  5. Belong – an employee engagement platform that can help to energise the employee experience and promote businesses. Centrality owns 25%.
  6. Centrapay – The world’s first decentralised payment platform connecting consumers directly with merchant, using smart contracts to provide an end-to-end solution for promoting and tracking offers in market.
  7. Merge – a time management tool that you tell when you want to leave or when you want to arrive, at your destination and it will notify you when it’s the best time to go. Centrality owns 100%.
  8. PayCheck – allows you to keep track of all transactions in a way that makes it easy to manage and create automatic payments. Allowing employees to make claims to make claims that get sent directly to your company to be authorised. Centrality owns 30%.
  9. SingleSource – a decentralised risk scoring platform powered by blockchain.
  10. Ai.my – a machine learning coach that gives you access to world-class training programmes. Centrality owns 90%.
  11. Sylo – a decentralised end-to-end encrypted communication network.
  12. Illumony – a platform offering online, intelligent financial advice that everyone can access and benefit from.
  13. Blockeeper – helps blockchain companies comply with tax regulations by connecting their transactions to popular accounting software. Can also act as a standalone service to keep track of payments and cash flows. Centrality owns 30%.
  14. Trackback – allows you to track assets throughout the entire supply chain and pinpoint liable parties for losses, damages or additional hireage charges.
  15. CityOn – makes it easy to find interesting things to do around the city whilst allowing you to book and pay for these activities using the smart city application. Centrality owns 49%.
  16. FeedMi – an app allowing you to jump queue at busy restaurants from anywhere you want. Centrality owns 25%.

Finally Centrality has put together a well rounded team of advisors from;

  1. MME – Law firm based in Zug and Zurich (Crypto Valley), Dr. Luka Muller – Legal Partner, founded Blockhaus.
  2. Bell Gully – tax experts that structured CENNZ token as a legal entity in accordance with New Zealand law.
  3. Crypto Token Investment Advisory acted in the capacity for Centrality as an investment consultant and in position of giving advice about blockchain, cryptocurrency, marketing and the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  4. Wong Partnership – tax experts that structured CENNZ token as a legal entity in accordance with Singapore law.
  5. Cleaver Partners Chartered Accountants


Several team members have managed and built multi million-dollar businesses. The technical team come from tech companies, blockchain companies and universities such as XERO, HSBC, IBM, CITI, MYOB, Harvard, Xerox, Ericsson, Unilever, Wendy’s, EY, Huawei, Upwork & Fairfax Media.  

Aaaron McDonald, CEO & Co founder of Centrality is the current CTO of Blockhaus & was originally CEO of Putti, creators of web solutions and mobile apps for everyone, including big name clients such as Wendy’s & NZ Herald.

Roger smith, chairman and founder of Centrality is currently the managing director for epay NZ.

Jerry Yuan, COO & Co founder of Centrality, formerly account/sales director for Huawei Technologies South Pacific region.

Andy Higgs, General Manager of Strategic Partnerships for Centrality, founder and director of CityOn – app based on Centrality’s platform, former executive of Auckland Ventures where he led two multimillion dollar partnerships.    

Ruitao Su, Head of front end at Centrality, currently Head of Mobile for the Diary Corporation – featured on Apple global health care portal as preferred solution provider, former director of Less Code Limited – professional software development consulting service.

Bartosz Holowko, senior data scientist & head of cognitive computing at Centrality, former Senior Consultant in Financial Services Advisory for Earnst & Young (EY) in the Czech Republic.

Wilfred Godfrey, Lead Developer at Centrality, former Senior Full Stack Developer at Fairfax media.


Whilst the Centrality white paper doesn’t go into technical specifications, ‘PL^G’ the modular technology that Centrality is based on has two developer level technical whitepapers to complement any of its shortcomings. Moreover Centrality has been in operation since mid 2016 seeing it grow from 4 founders to currently over 70 employees.

This growth, at a company level, is not represented in the CENNZ token price, seeing a decline in value from $0.38 at ICO to a current price of $0.202. Given the token is under three months old this price could just be market correction, nonetheless there is a 24 month lockout period for the 25% of tokens owned by the Centrality team.

Looking forward, investment in Centrality, like most companies in crypto should be considered high risk, but unlike other ICO’s, Centrality has established strong partnerships, an excellent advisory panel and already has a track record of working applications.

Key areas investors should look for when deciding to buy into Centrality include: Announcements of CENNZ being listed on other exchanges, code becoming open source with highly active & high quality repositories, launch of applications currently in development and other strategic partnership announcements.  



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