World’s First Airport at Accepting Cryptocurrencies

World First Airport At Accepting Cryptocurrencies

Travelers rejoice! You’ll now be able to spend your cryptocurrencies at Brisbane Airport thanks to a collaboration with TravelByBit 

The Brisbane Airport, located in Australia has recently completed a new collaborative project that has opened the doors to over 30 retail stores being able to accept multiple forms of cryptocurrencies as payment.

More stores at the Brisbane Airport are scheduled to follow with this adoption of technology, some of the currencies currently being accepted are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash to name a few.

The new development allows travelers to quickly and easily pay for goods and services while waiting for their flight or simply enjoying their stopover to a larger journey.

The payment solution is simple and easy to use from both a retailer perspective and a consumer level. The system is a touch screen solution which automatically converts the dollar value of the purchase into the correct amount of relevant tokens of the selected Cryptocurrency. The POS solution will then also show the consumer how much they are paying in Australian Dollars, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, American Dollars, Euro Dollars and of course the amount of the selected currency. Once the end user has scanned the QR code for payment and the transaction has been completed a tick will appear on the POS screen indicating it has successfully completed and you can move on to enjoy your recently bought items.

TravelByBit has also released a video demonstrating the process and how the POS solution works:

Stores in the Brisbane Airport have started displaying signs and banners confirming they are now accepting Cryptocurrency. I believe this to be an amazing insight into the industry and how businesses are open and welcoming to new technology changes, especially when it comes to distributed ledger and blockchain based technology.

TravelByBit is an Australian based company specializing in enabling merchants around Australia to be able to accept cryptocurrencies in relation for their goods and services. You can read more about TravelByBits vision here.

Which airport do you see following in Brisbane’s adoption of Cryptocurrencies?

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